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Andraste is our patron Goddess and has a special connection with Norfolk. We have gathered views from our priestesses on what Andraste means to them personally. These should give you some insight into this special Goddess. Please page down for a link to some factual research on Andraste.


"I have found Andraste to be a warrior Goddess. Quick to defend her own. A leader, an inspirer, a go-getter, a mother. She is the lady of the empty scabbard as she holds her sword aloft to rally her troops to action. Protector of the weak, champion of the oppressed, and mother to all"

"Andraste is the Goddess of Norfolk, she is the protector of the land and it's people, from our ancestors of the Iceni tribes to the present day people of Norfolk. She is to be called upon when we feel weak and challenged, she will guide us through tough times. She is seen in the fields of Norfolk as her Hare races across her sacred land, to remind us to be free-spirited. Call her name and she will hear you and give you hope. Bless Andraste."

"Andraste is the warrior Goddess like a mother lioness who protects and guides her children, very nurturing as she assists us through life's turbulence. At times she can have that 'tough love' aspect to her, which helps us become stronger and more confident. Andraste is always there to guide us home, into her arms. Just as she always has our backs."

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