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You are welcome to attend our open celebration for Mabon on 24th September at Mangreen Country House, 7pm start. Mangreen is located just outside of Norwich (see the link below for more details on the venue).

Our events take place outside as well as inside so please dress for the weather. Children are welcome but their accompanying adults need to take responsibility for them during the event.

Please feel free to bring drums or musical instruments. You are welcome to place objects on our altar.

Please note at our rituals we always have a fundraising raffle & donation dish to try and cover the cost of the event and help us plan more for the future. Please donate if you can. Bring food to share.

Join our facebook page for more details on our events.

Link to venue  http://www.mangreen.co.uk/

Norfolk Goddess Temple
Priestess of Andraste Training
Become a Priestess or Priest of Andraste.

Now enrolling for 2016.  First Spiral Training begins 1st October 2016.
Do you feel Her call? 
Do you feel a strong connection to the Landscape of East Anglia?

The Goddess Andraste is the ancient Goddess of the Iceni tribe, and beloved of Queen Boudicca.  She was worshipped in East Anglia, as far South as Epping in Essex, where once a Sacred Grove was dedicated to Andraste.
Norfolk Goddess Temple is offering an Internet Correspondence three year training programme to become a Priestess or Priest of Andraste.
There is no obligation to train for three years, you can study further years when you are ready to do so.

We shall be gathering in Norfolk twice a year during the first and second year and three times during the third year, to which you are expected to attend.

You will be trained by Priestesses of Andraste and of Avalon, who are endeavouring to create a Temple to the Goddess in Norfolk and East Anglia.

The first year, over eight assignments you will meet the Goddess Andraste the Invincible One, and Her Goddesses on the Wheel of Andraste, culminating in self-dedication as a Sister or Brother of Iceni.

The second year, over eight assignments, you will deepen your journey with the Goddesses of the Wheel of Andraste, we incorporate Magick into this year’s training as you will be led into a deeper understanding of the Goddess, and Her nature in Norfolk and East Anglia, culminating in self-dedication as Priestess or Priest of the Goddess.

The third and final year will be a time of personal development and connection to the Goddess Andraste, with daily devotions and journeys into Her temple, culminating in self-dedication as Priestess or Priest of Andraste.

Gathering dates: Friday 28th to Sunday 30th April 2017, and Friday 6th to Sunday 9th October 2017.
You will be expected to attend at least four Norfolk Goddess Temple Ceremonies during each training year.

Please contact Christine for more information and application form, or to discuss the course, on: 07778 391925, email; hedgewitch666@aol.com.
Course fee: Registration £25.00, payable with application, to secure your place on the course, (fully refundable should you not participate) followed by ten monthly direct debit payments of £25.00. 

If you withdraw from Training your payments will cease.
If you are unwaged or unable to pay the fees we can discuss bursaries, or very reduced payments, we will not turn anyone away who is called by the Goddess.                                                                           We also accept PayPal.